County Clerk


To provide and promote efficient, timely, world class services at a fair cost to the residents of Wayne County, as well as other members of the public requiring our services. To carry out the statutory obligations of administering all Federal, State and County elections conducted in Wayne County. The Wayne County Clerk, among many other constitutional and statutorily mandated functions, serves as the Clerk of the Third Judicial Circuit Court and as keeper of the records for Wayne County.

The County Clerk is clerk of the Circuit Court and clerk of the following boards: the Board of Commissioners, Board of County Canvassers, Concealed Weapon Licensing Board, and County Plat Board. She serves as Secretary to the Board of Election Commissioners and is also a statutory member of the Wayne County Apportionment Commission. Other functions of the Clerk are primarily recordkeeping in nature. For example, she must keep transcripts of births and deaths, issue marriage licenses, record and index all business assumed names, co-partnership certificates, notary public appointments, and discharge of military personnel.

*** NOTICE:  CPL Division of the Wayne County Clerk’s Downtown Office room 207 & the Westland satellite Office will be CLOSED on OCTOBER 27, 2015.***


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Cathy M. Garrett
Wayne County Clerk
(313) 224-6262