Walk-In Instructions

Walk-In Instructions For Registration Under The Assumed Name Act

  1. PRINT OR TYPE ALL INFORMATION ON THE FORMS, except signatures. BLACK INK ONLY. Do not use pencil or red ink. Post Office box numbers are not acceptable for the business address.
  2. Signatures should be placed on the lines found at the middle of the form. ALL LISTED OWNERS MUST SIGN THE CERTIFICATE.
  3. ALL SIGNATURES MUST BE NOTARIZED. All notaries public must legally sign and print or stamp their name and expiration dates on each certificate; as well as the names of the persons who appeared before the notary.
  4. Return all three [3] copies [original +2] along with the $16.00 filing fee to:

    :: assumed names form ::
    [acrobat pdf format]
    [3 copies, print on 8.5 x 14 paper ONLY! Other sizes may be rejected!]

    :: certificate of co-partnership ::
    [acrobat pdf format]
    [3 copies, print on 8.5 x 14 paper ONLY! Other sizes may be rejected!]

    Cathy M. Garrett, Wayne County Clerk
    201 Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
    Detroit, MI 48226
    ATTN: Assumed Names

    We no longer accept personal checks. PLEASE SEND MONEY ORDERS ONLY. All personal checks will be returned. Make money orders
    payable to the Wayne County Clerk. Two [2] certified copies of the certificate will be returned to you after filing.

  5. If you change your business address, you must notify this office.
  6. If you dissolve your business, you should file a certificate of discontinuance with this office.
  7. If there is a change of ownership, a certificate of discontinuance should be filed by the previous owner and the new owner or owners must file a new certificate of assumed name or co-partnership.
  8. Forms for change of address of certificate of discontinuance are available at the address listed above.

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Cathy M. Garrett
Wayne County Clerk
(313) 224-6262

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