Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Wayne County's GIS is an integrated program that serves as a coordinated effort between departments, municipalities and regionally. Its structure assists leaders with information needed to make decisions, create policy and mandate procedure. This information can be visualized, researched and analyzed for more in depth situational understanding. Through this understanding, the GIS creates time and money saving operations.



The Wayne County GIS Mission:

  • Create and maintain an environment for open communication, coordination and collaboration of GIS efforts in the County.
  • Provide value-added GIS services and products to customers that meet their current business needs.
  • Promote and enable progress of the enterprise-based GIS with workflow-driven development of GIS data and applications.

In order to achieve this Mission, the Wayne County GIS Program will:

  • Coordinate GIS activities throughout County Departments.
  • Provide guidance and expertise to County GIS users.
  • Manage GIS software purchases and maintenance agreements.
  • Maintain County GIS Basemap through Orthophotography and planimetric updates.
  • Comply with Federal, State and Regional data standards in order to create a more fluid interdepartmental network.
  • Administer and provide access to the core County GIS Database.


Carlos Perez
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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