Wayne County Commission takes stand in support of striking UAW workers

Wayne County Commissioners Thursday approved a resolution of support for United Autoworkers Union members in their strike against General Motors, now in its third week.

The resolution "strongly supports UAW members in their efforts to attain a fair and equitable contract with GM" and calls on both sides to continue negotiating.

"It was important to take a stand now, when workers begin receiving strike pay substantially below their regular wages," said Commissioner Diane Webb (D-Livonia) who introduced the resolution. "These people are standing up not just for themselves but for all working people."

Commission Chair Alisha Bell (D-Detroit) called on the public to help workers by dropping off food and personal care items at local UAW halls.

"I hope we will all be able to do that," Chair Bell said.

The resolution notes that issues yet to be resolved between the union and automaker include the future of the Detroit-Hamtramck plant in Wayne County and that a lengthy strike could have a devastating effect on the state, local and national economy.

The contract between the UAW and GM expired Sept. 14, with the union authorizing a strike the next day.