Wayne County HealthChoice


Over the past 18 years, HealthChoice has developed a number of programs customized to the healthcare needs of Wayne and Oakland County residents and businesses.  Our programs were developed with the goals of (i) reducing the number of uninsured individuals seeking care through area emergency rooms rather than primary care physicians, and (ii) stabilizing healthcare costs to local small businesses.  Due to several service and management enhancements, HealthChoice has been able to provide a full range of quality and affordable programs listed below: 

Several recent service and management enhancements now enable us to provide a full range of quality, affordable programs for:

The below programs will be ending on March 31, 2014:  

  • Temporary and part-time workers (Tempro)
  • Young adults (aged 18-30) who work and/or attend school (Young Adult Program)
  • Residents in need who have no other health coverage (BasiCare)
  • Adult Benefit Waiver enrollees in need of dental benefits (DentalAssist)

Our careful screening of providers and enhanced operating procedures mean our members have access to the area's best hospitals and doctors. Our extremely responsive customer service team stands ready to help when needed. Our wide array of health care benefits is offered at surprisingly affordable rates.

Why HealthChoice is the Right Choice for You!
HealthChoice keeps employees healthy.  Keeping medical conditions under control cuts down on sick days—and the long absences that come with serious illnesses--which results in a reduction in operating costs for your business. Health benefits make a workplace work better. By offering HealthChoice, you can reduce employee turnover and lower your training costs. Employees think twice before leaving a job with health care coverage.

HealthChoice is the Right Choice at the Right Price for You! 
The program is simple: HealthChoice premiums are low and the cost are shared by you and your employee.  Your employees can access an exclusive network of metro Detroit’s best-known and most respected physicians and hospitals.


Who Qualifies for HealthChoice?


HealthChoice welcomes small businesses that:

  • Are located in Wayne County
  • Employ at least two people who are eligible for coverage
  • Have more than half the employees earning $14.50 per hour or less
  • Have not provided health benefits for the past three months

Individuals qualify for HealthChoice if they...

  • Live in Wayne/Oakland County
  • Annual income less than $30,000
  • Must be without other health care coverage
  • Work a minimum of 20 hours a week 

We are committed to those we serve through these programs, and we are proud to provide such quality offerings to the small businesses and residents of these counties (Wayne/Oakland).


We invite you to take a new look at the excellent value that is Wayne County HealthChoice, and then contact us to see how it can benefit you: 

Call 800-WELL NOW today.

Thomas Kochis
Director of Health & Human Services
Thomas Kochis
Wayne County HealthChoice