Medical Reserve Corps

Wayne MRC Mission:


It is the mission of the Health, Veterans & Community Wellness Emergency Preparedness (HVCW-EP), Medical Reserve Corps to assist the Wellness Services Division by providing quality volunteer health care professionals who can maintain services such as health, education and disease prevention during public health emergencies.   

How To Apply: 


Applying to the Wayne MRC is easy, just follow these steps:
  1. Follow the link to download the Wayne MRC Application
  2. Return the completed application to the Volunteer Managment Coordinator by email, mail or fax (see the Contact Us section below).
  3. Then, register as a general volunteer on the Michigan Volunteer Registry here


Once you complete these steps, you will be contacted by the Volunteer Management Coordinator with information on upcoming training, exercises, and other events. 



Why Join?


  • To support the HVCW-EP response to emergency and non emergency health situations.
  • To support HVCW-EP activities in a way that will improve the health and lives of its citizens.
  • To provide additional volunteer health professionals who can conduct community outreach programs, emergency preparedness, disease prevention, readiness training and planning.
  • To support your local neighborhood community.

Commitment Level:


  • Your commitment level is based on your availability.                                         
  • The HVCW-EP will not use your services for longer than necessary.  
  • We understand that your time is precious and we value it.

Training & Education:


  • Training will consist of tabletop exercises, online and electronic tools, as well as live drills with the Wellness Services Division.
  • Additional training resources will be provided to members as they are needed.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to participate in online courses provided by the state and national agencies.

Contact Us



Tim Mautz
Volunteer Management Coordinator
Wayne County Department of Health, Veterans & Community Wellness - Emergency Preparedness
33030 Van Born Road
Wayne, MI 48184



Office: 734-727-7299
Fax: 734-727-8000


Find us on social media:




Calendar of Events 

Carol Austerberry, MPA,MS,RS
Division Director & Deputy Health Officer
(734) 727-7045

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