Economic Development Growth Engine

The Wayne County Economic Development Growth Engine (EDGE) works with public, private and academic sectors to strengthen the County through diversification and innovation.  EDGE supports emerging economies and Wayne County’s trademark automotive and manufacturing industries by providing the resources and incentives businesses require to grow and flourish. 

Over the last year, EDGE has been instrumental in retaining nearly 20,000 jobs in Southeast Michigan while attracting thousands of new jobs and over $2.0 billion in new investment to Wayne County.  According to recent estimates, Wayne County leads the Southeast Michigan region with the most construction activity per square foot (10.8 million-sq.-ft.), representing over 34 percent of all activity.  Of Southeast Michigan's five largest development projects during 2009, three were in Wayne County.

A transformation of our regional economy has already begun, based on new manufacturing technologies, new growth industries, and new ways for government to do business. As we move forward into 2010 and beyond, the EDGE team is committed to identifying new ways to make the business environment in Wayne County more unique and more desirable than anywhere else in the United States.

To learn more about EDGE, call us at (313) 224-0410 or email us.