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The EDGE Business Development Division's primary objective is to encourage and support new business investment, create jobs, and grow the County's tax base. We leverage our efforts through partnerships with local communities, chambers of commerce, businesses, and other agencies at the state and federal levels. We can help put together a customized incentive package to champion your project and help your business attain success.

We also provide site selection and real estate development services. Our team of professionals can assist you in all aspects of site development including direct assistance in acquiring the permits you need to get your business up and running. We maintain a list of development ready sites through CPIX and CoStar, and we are able to provide customized GIS maps and other site selection information so that you can determine the ideal location for your development project.



Business Incentives

There are a variety of county, state, and federal incentive programs available to new and expanding businesses that locate in Wayne County. EDGE’s team of Development Officers can help you identify incentives to help your business grow.
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Site Selection & Real Estate Development

The Development Team in Wayne County’s Economic Development Growth Engine (EDGE) can help you identify shovel-ready property for development or existing space to open your business.
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Brownfield Program

EDGE & the Wayne County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority can assist in developing brownfield plans, securing Michigan Brownfield Tax credits and tax increment financing, and with securing brownfield cleanup funds from the USEPA.
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International / China Program

EDGE’s International / China Program is geared toward attracting investment from across the globe and, in particular, from China. Our goal is to capitalize on our strategic geographic and trade position and create jobs for Wayne County residents.
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Commercial Property Information Exchange (CPIX)

Wayne County EDGE maintains a list of development ready sites through Michigan’s Commercial Property Information Exchange (CPIX). If you are looking for a site in Wayne County to locate your business, CPIX can help you with your search.
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Small Business Resources

Wayne County is dedicated to nurturing the growth of small businesses. In this section, you will find a variety of resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses including links to educational resources, business incubators, and business accelerators.
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Venture Capital Resources

There are a variety of grants, loans, and venture capital resources available to support innovative business ideas in Wayne County. This section lists several financial resources available for businesses that are ready to turn their concept into reality.
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Workforce Development

Wayne County’s innovative workforce is the backbone of our economy. Wayne County resides in a region with the highest concentration of engineers in the U.S., and they are ready to design and produce the goods of tomorrow.
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Business Success Stories

Over the past few years, Wayne County has witnessed an economic revitalization, resulting in billions in investment and thousands of new jobs. In this section, you can learn about why so many businesses have chosen Wayne County as their home.

Development Ready Communities

Led by Wayne County’s Economic Development Growth Engine (EDGE), Development Ready Communities is an effort to work with local governments to enhance the environment for business investment throughout Wayne County.
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Created in 2010, JobEDGE is a job matching portal featuring high-tech growth sector jobs from some of Wayne County’s expanding employers. JobEDGE is a way to connect these employers with Wayne County’s best talent.
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Director of Economic Development Growth Engine (EDGE)