Wayne County Building Authority

The Wayne County Building Authority (WCBA) was established in 1961 under provisions of Act No. 31, Public Acts of Michigan, Extra Session of 1948, as amended, to acquire, furnish, equip, own, improve, enlarge, operate and/or maintain buildings and building sites for lease to, and eventual ownership by, the County. It is managed by a five-member board appointed by the County Executive, subject to approval by the Wayne County Commissioners. The County has pledged certain revenues, including a specific portion of its general property tax revenues, to secure the payment of certain outstanding obligations of the County and the WCBA. In addition, the County has pledged its limited tax full faith and credit for repayment of these obligations. The WCBA has no taxing authority.


Wayne County Building Authority Board



 Term Ending

Eileen DeHart Chairman August 16, 2022
Frederick Hoffman Secretary-Treasurer June 30, 2022
James Saros Member August 15, 2021
Sam Hussein Member September 2, 2020
Frank Vaslo Member July 31, 2022

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