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Wayne County Clerk, Cathy M. Garrett, Honors Staff at 2017 Employee Appreciation Awards

On April 25, 2017, Wayne County Clerk, Cathy M. Garrett, hosted a staff appreciation dinner and awards ceremony to honor their ongoing achievements.

Employees nominated their fellow peers for the “Excellence in Customer Service Award” (ECS) or the “Outstanding Work Performance Award” (OWP).

While the awards were designed around a peer-to-peer nominating process, many employees in the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (CAYMC) also surprisingly nominated members of their management team, designating them recipients of “The People’s Choice Award.”

In addition, Clerk Garrett presented three individuals with the “Unsung Hero Award,” as these individuals consistently go above and beyond their job duties, often multi-tasking other roles within their own positions.

“Throughout my time as the Wayne County Clerk, we have accomplished a lot – through good and bad times in Wayne County,” said Clerk Garrett. “We have often been asked to do more with less, so this event was just one small way of showing the employees of the Wayne County Clerk’s Office how much they are valued well beyond their work.”

Although this isn’t the first awards ceremony given by Clerk Garrett, this year’s event took place at Byblos Banquet in Dearborn, MI, and also featured live music and a dance floor. Over 100 employees attended, and this is a yearly commitment from Clerk Garrett.

Those who were recognized included:

Civil/Family Court Clerks‎

  • ECS: Parez Jones; and
  • OWP: Parez Jones. 

Juvenile Court Clerks

  • ECS: Anne Woodrow; and
  • OWP: Sonya Ogu.

Juvenile Court Services/Administration

  • ECS: Iris Patterson;
  • OWP: Anita Flannagin; and
  • OWP: Iris Patterson.

Criminal Court Services

  • ECS: Kelly Payton;
  • ECS: Brenda Robinson;
  • OWP: Brenda Robinson; and
  • OWP: Mia Dove.

Criminal Systems

  • ECS: Charita Jones;
  • OWP: Hattie Robinson; and
  • OWP: Charita Jones.


  • ECS: David Washington; and
  • OWP: Keith Smith.

City of Detroit Vital Records Division

  • ECS: Dana Thomas; and
  • OWP: Dana Thomas.

Juvenile Records

  • ECS: Frank Sanders; and
  • OWP: Frank Sanders.


  • ECS: Jennifer Redmond;
  • OWP: Jennifer Redmond; and
  • OWP: Gil Flowers.


  • ECS: Avis Ballestero; and
  • OWP: Kim Taggert.

Vitals/CPL Westland

  • ECS: Michelle Brown; and
  • OWP: Michelle Brown.


  • ECS: Enjoli Conley;
  • ECS: Terri Moore;
  • OWP: Terri Moore‎; and
  • OWP: Enjoli Conley.

Vitals CAYMC

  • ECS: Glynnis Peterson.

Civil/Family Records

  • ECS: Tamela Leake; and
  • OWP: Susan Dixson.

Civil/Family Court Services

  • ECS: Dawn Thorpe; and
  • OWP: Dawn Thorpe.


  • ECS: Latonya Hardy, Social Service Specialist;
  • OWP: Maria Bengston, Social Service Specialist; and  
  • OWP: Latonya Hardy, Social Service Specialist.

“The People’s Choice Award” for a Manager or Supervisor:  

  • Rementa Canyon, Department Supervisor;
  • Tracy Gilbert, Department Administrator; and
  • Cindy Depaulis, Department Manager.

“The Unsung Hero Award”:

  • Tiffany Gerald, Manager of Vital Records;
  • Suzanne Stewart, Administrative Assistant; and
  • Gil Flowers, Campaign Finance Manager.

Please join us in congratulating the award recipients!

Cathy M. Garrett
Wayne County Clerk
(313) 224-6262

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