Marriage License Application

Marriage License Application

  • At least one individual from the couple must appear in person to apply.
  • The marriage license must be used in the State of Michigan.
  • Blood tests are not required for a marriage license.
  • Only Wayne County residents can apply. (If both parties live out of state, you may apply in Wayne County and the wedding MUST be performed in Wayne County.)
  • Every person must present a certified copy (with seal) of their birth certificate with parental information. (If you do not have a certified birth certificate, please see other acceptable documents.)
  • The legal age for getting married without parental consent is 18 and 16 with parental consent. Parents must appear with their identification when representing 16 or 17 year old applicants. Custodial Parents must appear and bring proof of custody.
  • The license can only be issued to couples that are not currently married. (Divorce papers DO NOT need to be presented)
  • Pay in cash or credit card when you apply. The fee is $20.00 if one or both is a Wayne County Resident or $30.00 if both parties are out of state residents. We do not accept personal checks.

Wayne County Marriage License Application

Cathy M. Garrett
Wayne County Clerk
(313) 224-6262

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