Media Inquiries

County Executive Office staff handles all media questions/interview requests for the Wayne County Executive and executive departments. For medical examiner inquiries, please contact the Deptartment of Health, Veterans and Community Wellness. For roads and parks inquiries, please contact the Deptartment of Public Works.  

Media with questions/interview requests for the Wayne County Commission, Sheriff, Prosecutor, Clerk, Treasurer and Register of Deeds should contact their respective communications staff.


County Executive Office

James Martinez - 313-967-1357

Whitney Lewis - 313-224-7515


Department of Public Serivces

Kaye Byrd - 313-224-7626


Dept. of Health, Veterans and Community Wellness

Lisa Croff - 313-967-6618


Jim Toth - 313-224-7263


Kelly Miner - 313-224-0615


Maria Miller - 313-224-5817

County Clerk

Communication Director - 313-224-5511


Amikka Smith - 313-224-7364

Register of Deeds

Bernard Youngblood - 313-224-5854



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