State of Michigan
Michigan Strategic Fund Business Development Program

Provides grants to eligible businesses that create qualified new jobs and/or make qualified new investment in Michigan

Michigan Community Ventures

Provides up to $5,000 per qualified employee to businesses that hire structurally unemployed residents of certain communities (including Detroit) into permanent jobs that pay a living wage ($10 per hour and over).

Michigan New Jobs Training Program
Assist employers who create new jobs and/or expand operations in Michigan by providing free training for newly hired workers at local community colleges. Paid for by capturing the state income tax associated with the employees' wages.
Local Government (City/Township)
Industrial Facilities Tax Abatement
A community may reduce the property tax millage rate by 50% for up to 12 years where the project involves building new plants, expansion of existing plants, renovation of aging plants, or addition of new machinery and equipment.
Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Tax Abatement
A community may freeze the existing taxable value of a designated facility for up to 12 years where the project involves the development of a functionally obsolete property into a commercial or mixed-use development.
Commercial Rehabilitation Tax Abatement
A community may freeze the existing taxable value on a commercial property for up to 10 years where the project involves the development of a commercial business or multi-family residential facility.
Wayne County
Private Activity Bond Program (Industrial Revenue Bonds)
The Wayne County Economic Development Corporation may issue revenue bonds and use the proceeds to make loans to private companies to finance projects in order to promote economic development in Wayne County.
Property Assessed Clean Energy Program (PACE)
A business can finance up to 100% of the costs to finance (or refinance) energy-saving building improvements that involve energy efficiency, water efficiency, and/or renewable energy measures. The loan is to be paid back through a special tax assessment on the property over a 10-20 year period. By law, the energy savings must be greater than the loan repayment.
Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

Provides assistance to businesses in effort to put environmentally contaminated property back to productive use. The Authority can provide funding support for environmental site assessments as well as clean-up activities.

Permit and Regulatory Compliance
Wayne County's Permits Office will preliminarily review design engineering plans in connection with a building project and provide advice concerning compliance with applicable laws and standards. This is a free service being offered to businesses in order to minimize potentially costly time delays in the permitting process.
Michigan Works! Agency
Job Recruitment
Helps businesses identify and recruit suitable new employees through job postings, talent screening, and career fair events.
Job Training Resources

On the Job Training Program - provides employers that hire and provide substantive on-the-job training to eligible individuals a reimbursement of at least 50% of the wages for each employee up to 6 months.

Skilled Trades Training Fund - provides employers funding to train existing employees in a skill that is both transferable and capable of resulting in new or continuing full-time permanent employment.