Comprehensive Assessment and Master Plan Project (CAMPP)

Facilities Management Division CAMPP Initiative

Wayne County's Facilities Management Division (FMD) undertook a Comprehensive Assessment and Master Plan Project also known as CAMPP from 2002-2004. Through this project, FMD comprehensively evaluated all aspects of the division: its facilities, services, finances, organization, business & operating practices, information systems, etc. We reviewed and examined our current business and operating practices in comparison to similar private and public services providers. Through the assessment, we identified areas where we met and exceeded industry standards as well as areas where we could improve.

The project systematically examined each of FMD's systems (ex. Downriver, Rouge Valley, Northeast) and its services in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness. Opportunities to improve and to correct deficiencies were identified. Improvements, which were simple and quick to implement, were called "quick wins" and implemented immediately. Other improvements requiring greater efforts and resources were prioritized, planned and scheduled for implementation over a period of time.

CAMPP resulted in an evaluation of FMD and a roadmap for FMD to use over the next 3 to 5 years to improve its operations, its services to our communities and residents, and the quality of our services.

Upon the completion of phase 1 of CAMPP (the evaluation) we embarked on phase 2 the implementation of recommendations for improved efficiency. To date the Division has been successful in improving efficiencies, meeting compliance, creating a team environment where employees are held accountable and reducing costs. The division has reduced its staff by 40% and saved the customers over $10 million to date and we are not done yet. Stay tuned for updates on your success as we strive to be the “Provider of Choice” for our customers.