Financial Support is Available to Eligible Wayne County Vets

WAYNE COUNTY- Wayne County Veterans Services continues to help veterans in difficult financial circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic with financial assistance for honorable discharged service branch members.

"COVID-19 has exacerbated the financial struggles of many in our communities, especially our veterans." said Wayne County Executive Warren Evans. "There is no better time than now for Veterans to contact our team to get the help they so desperately need."

Honorably discharged, peacetime and conflict veterans and their families can be eligible for financial assistance from by Wayne County Soldiers & Sailors Relief and Michigan Veteran Trust Funds. Both funds are managed through the office led by Kwesi Betserai, Veteran Services Director.

"We work with each veteran individually to determine their individual need," said Betserai. "We can provide critical assistance with groceries and utility bills to mortgage and rent payments."

Just a few necessities Veterans Services can help with include assistance with car payments, resources for critical home repairs and food vouchers.

Emory Lewis, a 56-year old Navy Veteran, got a hand up after transitioning from a homeless shelter to a new apartment. After consultation with the Wayne County Veterans Services, the team helped provide resources to furnish his home.

"Wayne County Veterans Services helped make my space a special comfortable place to rest my head," said Emory.

Veteran Services staff continue to take phone calls and field questions from veterans during the COVID-19 pandemic from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. Visit or call (313) 224-5045 to learn more.

The office not only offers financial support for bills and essentials, but also can help provide funding for home repairs, resources for burial and funeral expenses. The team also assists with job referrals and Veterans Administration compensation/disability applications services.

"In this extremely difficult time, we know the concerns of many veterans, just like Mr. Lewis," said Betserai. "We're on your side and standing by to assist."

In addition to its core function providing financial support, the team is working to collaborate with other Wayne County Departments, Veteran Service Organizations, local businesses and other community partners to provide food distribution and resources to meet the needs of veterans specifically.