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Bennett Arboretum

Bennett Arboretum is a jewel with an easy two mile trail through the oldest county arboretum in Michigan. Bennett is a popular course for high school cross country teams in the fall.

Bennett Arboretum was developed during the 1930's as part of the Middle Rouge Parkway (Hines Parkway) project. Jesse Merle Bennett, a pioneer in roadside development and Director of Wayne County Parks and Forestry in the 1920s and 1930s, was the visionary for the arboretum project. Many rare trees from around the world were planted here, as well as maple, oak and beech collections.

The arboretum is located on Hines Drive between Six Mile and Seven Mile in Northville. The best area for parking is at Cass Benton Park, which is across the street from Bennett Arboretum.