WAYNE COUNTY- Last month, Wayne County announced that all County events during their paid furlough had been canceled. The County made a commitment to re-evaluate events scheduled after April 13th as the COVID-19 situation unfolds. With Governor Whitmer's "Stay home, Stay safe" executive order still in place and in an attempt to continue to slow the spread of the virus, promote social distancing and keep families safe, the County is now preparing to postpone all May events and some amenity openings including pavilion rentals.

May programs that have been canceled will include:

· Nature Tots - May 1

· Marsh Clean Up - May 2

· Girl Scouts: Geocacher - May 2

· Guided Canoe Adventure - May 2

· Wolf Paws on the Path Scout Program - May 2

· Bear Beat of the Drum Scout Programs - May 2

· Home School: Nurseries of the Forest - May 12

· Nature Fest - May 16

· Adopt A Garden Program - May 30

· Girl Scouts: Animal Habitats -May 31

Amenities being postponed include:

· Pony Rides - Elizabeth Park

· Wayne County Chandler Waterpark Season Opening

· Chateau on the River rentals (May) - Elizabeth Park

The Inkster Valley Golf Club is now open barring adherence to the following COVID-19 safety guidelines:

· Social distancing of six feet must be maintained at all times

· Clubhouse remains closed except for the use of restrooms and golfer check-in

· There is only one door being utilized for clubhouse entry

· There will only be one person allowed in the clubhouse at a time for check-in

· There has been a 4 foot shield installed at the check-in counter for added protection

· Door handles are being sanitized after each person enters the building

· Staff are to wear masks and gloves at all times

· The cups on the greens are raised with instructions not to touch the flags

· At this time the course is "walking only"

· Once cart utilization starts, there will be one person allowed per golf cart unless blood related and carts will be washed and sanitized after every round.

Pavilion rentals throughout the park system are also suspended for the month. If you have a pavilion reserved you may contact the Parks office at 734.261.1990 to reschedule for another date (based on availability) or to request a refund.

The Elizabeth Park Marina is scheduled to reopen on Saturday, May 16, 2020; with the following COVID-19 safety guidelines in place:

· Social distancing of six feet must be maintained at all times while in the facility or else the facilities will be forced to close for the safety of the public

· Launch at your own risk. Staff will not be available for assistance at this time

· Transient and Seasonal docks will remain closed

· Restroom facilities will remain closed

· No camping or overnight stays are available in the facility at any time

· Trailers left in the parking lot will be deemed abandoned and towed away

· Fees for launching will be waived through April 30th and revisited at that time

· There will be minimal trash service available. You are encouraged to bring trash bags to carry trash home.

· No hand washing stations will be provided. Please carry hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes containing at least 60% alcohol

The boat launch at Elizabeth Park is open for recreational purposes and must be done in accordance with social distancing mandates. Individuals must use their own equipment to prevent the transmission of the virus through touching shared surfaces. In addition, you may not boat with individuals who do not live within the same household as you.

Parks remain open to the public for walking and biking, but specialized areas such as playscapes, bike parks, basketball courts and disc golf areas are closed to help residents adhere to the Governor's order. The County has placed signage in high-traffic areas of the parks to encourage residents to avoid gathering and promote social distancing.

Specialized areas that remain closed include:

· Nankin Recreation Area

· Merriman play structure

· Hines Park dog park

· Perrin basketball court

· Warrendale play structure and basketball court

· Bell Creek play structure and basketball court

· Sumac play structure

· Northville play structure

· Waterford Bend play structure

· Cass Benton disc golf course

· Elizabeth Park Marina, play area and skate park

The Nankin Mills Interpretive Center and Parks administration office will reopen on Friday, May 1, 2020.