The Water Quality Management Division provides services to:

  • Wayne County Agencies: Parks, Roads, and Drains
  • Wayne County Rouge Watershed Communities
  • Other Communities in Wayne County
  • Neighboring Communities and Counties
  • Facilities Management Division(Downriver Wastewater Treatment Facility)

As a part of the Rouge River National Wet Weather Demonstration Project, we provide services to:

  • Our State and Nation

Consolidated Services:

  • General Permit Compliance Services
  • Illicit Discharge Elimination Program (IDEP) Services
  • Public Education/Pollution Prevention (P2) Services
  • Water Quality & Planning Services
  • Illicit Discharge Elimination Program Services
  • Dye-Testing
  • Training
  • Complaint Response
  • Sampling (Investigative Monitoring)
  • Violation Coordination & Resolution

Engineering Services (Wastewater / Stormwater):

  • Engineering, project management and customer liaison services

General Permit Compliance Services (Wayne County Agencies):

  • County Owned Building Inspections (dye-testing)
  • Pollution Complaint Reporting System
  • Hotline
  • Response/Investigation
  • Violation Coordination & Resolution

Public Education/Information:

Public Education/Pollution Prevention Services (P2 Services):

  • River Friendly Partners Program
  • Businesses
  • Community/Municipal Facilities & Institutions
  • River Friendly Neighborhoods
  • Volunteer Support (Monitoring, Stenciling, Restoration)
  • Home Owner P2
  • Children-Oriented/School Based Outreach
  • Information Dissemination
  • Support River Education Projects (e.g. FOTR, other?)
  • Support Water Festivals
  • Public Outreach
  • Support Display Events
  • Multi-media Advertising
  • Public Information Clearinghouse

Water Quality & Planning Services:

  • GIS Data Development & Analysis
  • GIS Map Production & Analysis
  • Printing/Plotting Existing Map Products
  • Instream Monitoring (Measures of Success Monitoring)
  • RPO Role
  • Facilitation - Subwatershed Planning
  • Data/Information Management
  • Funding (Financial & Institutional Arrangements)
  • Fiduciary Agent & Grant Administration
  • Staff to Steering Committee

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Water Quality Management

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