Department of Information Technology

Our Mission

The Department of Information Technology strived to serve our community by partnering with governing bodies, providing a passionate commitment to purposeful, value-driven technology.

Our Philosophy

We use the C.A.R.S. rubric to evaluate ourselves, our partnerships, our processes, and our technology.

  • Convenience

    What’s effortless to use is used most often.  Technology should serve natural business purposes and empower the user to be more efficient at the same time.
  • Accountability

    Transparency gives form to honest intentions.  Whatever we design must be done with the intention to easily provide a thorough report.
  • Reliability 

    Wayne County is never more important to the community than when the community is in crisis.  Technology must be able to be counted on when it is needed most.
  • Service

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  It is a privilege to assist our clients in leveraging technology to the fullest.

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