Henry Dachowitz brings with him to Wayne County nearly 40 years as a finance professional. Armed with a Harvard MBA, Henry is credited with leading the financial turnaround of Nassau County, New York as Treasurer from 2002-06. Henry explains why he is excited to move to Michigan and work for Wayne County's residents.

I am pleased to be joining Wayne County as CFO at this unique time in its history. We have a tremendous opportunity to upon the progress made recently in reestablishing Wayne County's solid financial foundation.

Just 15 months ago, in October 2016, Wayne County successfully exited its financial consent agreement with the State. More recently, eight months ago in May 2017 the progress continued: Fitch upgraded Wayne County's bonds to investment grade, a testimony to the effectiveness of the financial policies Wayne County has implemented. It's important to continue that momentum.

My experience in helping turn around Nassau County, New York's finances (11 bond rating increases in a 33 month period) will help me in continuing the reputation Wayne County has build under Executive Warren C. Evans as a fiscally sound government, dedicated to providing quality public services to residents and businesses.

I see wonderful enthusiasm in the people I've met here in Wayne County - very excited about the turnaround, the revitalization of downtown, the high tech vibrancy here.