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Save Our Schools Unit

The Save Our Schools Unit of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office works in collaboration with the Detroit Public Schools and several out-county schools promoting academic excellence by addressing issues related to school violence and school safety. The Unit grew out of Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy’s Safe School Initiative in which the Prosecutor’s Office responded to several violent shootings that occurred in area high schools with a comprehensive plan to reduce violent crime and ensure safe schools

  • Determining if there are unregistered sex offenders that are located within the safe school zone and forwarding them to Michigan State Police for verification and possible arrest.
  • Working with school administrators on truancy intervention to help make sure all of our children are in school to receive the benefits of education.
  • Serving as liaison and coordinator of Teen Court - a juvenile diversion program created for juveniles who have no previous juvenile court record and who become involved in minor violations of the law.
  • Encouraging all schools to establish and monitor hotlines to report instances of bullying and to prevent other crimes from occurring.
  • Identifying abandoned and neglected houses in the Safe School Zone for forfeiture actions or other court proceedings aimed at eliminating the danger these houses pose to students as they travel back and forth to school.
  • Assisting administration in identifying issues related to gangs as well as bullying and cyber bullying issues and to develop an action plan.
  • Establishing community partners and stakeholders interested in working with the school on identified issues.
  • Addressing student and community groups on the state of the law and the criminal justice system. This component includes a Criminal Justice Education Program – A four-week course taught at each of the Safe Schools partner school locations. The course of study includes: American System of Justice, Juvenile Justice Process, Crime and Consequences, Constitutional amendments (as it relates to law enforcement) and Street Gangs.
  • Reviewing Juvenile delinquency and/or Adult Criminal cases from inception from assigned schools with a view toward successful prosecution.