Distressed Owner/Occupant Extension

The Distressed Owner/Occupant Extension Application extends the deadline for payment of your delinquent/forfeited taxes and thereby withholds your parcel from being offered for auction in September/October. This application is for a taxpayer experiencing financial hardship and occupies the home. The application includes a page that details the household income standards in order to be approved for the extension.

Please click on the application located on the Taxpayer Assistance page, read the instructions, complete the application, and mail to the Treasurer's office.

The address of the Treasurer is :

Wayne County Treasurer,
Attn: Taxpayer Assistance,
400 Monroe, Suite 530,
Detroit, MI, 48226.Allow for a 30 day period for the Treasurer's office to review and contact the applicant.

For further information, please send an email to or call our Taxpayer Assistance Department at (313) 224-6105.