The Wayne County Treasurer's office is committed to excellent customer service. We are here to serve taxpayers with respect, efficiency, and professionalism. We want you to have a positive experience as you conduct your business with the Wayne County Treasurer's Office.

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Payment Plans

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The Wayne County Treasurer Hours 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily, open late on Wednesday until 6:30pm


The Mission of the County Treasurer is to responsibly provide the people of Wayne County with effective and efficient administration of delinquent tax collections and guarantee the safety of all County funds by adhering to statutory requirements regarding cash management and investments.


If you were enrolled in a Distressed Owner/Occupant Extension (DOOE) or Stipulated Payment Agreement (SPA) this year you must complete payments by December 2017.

Reminder * The Interest Reduction Stipulated Payment Agreement (IRSPA) plan must be paid monthly as stated in the agreement.

To contact our office send an email to, visit us at 400 Monroe in Greektown, or call 313-224-5990.

Foreclosure and Auction

State law requires that properties subject to tax foreclosure be made available to the State, the local community, and the County for purchase prior to auction. We are in that process until the end of July. Properties that are not taken by a government entitiy are offered for auction in September and October. Please be aware that new state laws will not allow the owner of a property that has been foreclosed to purchase that property at auction for anything less than the taxes, fees, and interest that were outstanding at the time of foreclosure.


Properties Sold in the 2017 September Auction

Properties sold in the Tax Foreclosure auction are sold "as is and "where is" with no warranties, either expressed or implied. Prior to the auction, purchasers are advised to research the property(s)' condition and to perform careful due diligence to understand any potential issues with the property, including but not limited to, special assessment, environmental issues or demolition status.

Please read the auction rules and regulations before you register for the auction.

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  • ADMINISTRATION - Provide overall department management and direction.

  • COUNTY FUNDS - Manages and operates automated Cash and Investment Concentration Programs [CICP] providing daily cash tracking and reconciliations, fund account tracking and reporting, Investment Management System and Interest allocation.

  • INVESTMENTS - Invests all County funds in order to maximize yield, while judiciously protecting the safety and security of those funds.

  • TRUST FUNDS - Custodian of funds held in trust.

  • TAXES - Enforces general property tax laws and collects delinquent taxes on all Real and Personal Property within the County. For further information, please contact 313-224-5990.

  • CERTIFICATION - Certifies tax searches, deeds, plats and other instruments of title.


The Wayne County Treasurer, under the authority of the State of Michigan, participates in the Delinquent Tax Revolving Fund Program, which is an alternate method of collecting delinquent property taxes. All communities and school districts participate under the Delinquent Tax Revolving Fund program. Under the Michigan Public Act 246 of 2003, the City of Detroit began participating with tax year 2003. The program has proven beneficial to all participants.