Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Consent Agreement.


  • How does the consent agreement impact Wayne County residents?

    The Consent Agreement provides the tools the County needs to improve its finances which will help the County improve service delivery in the long-term. While they County works its way through the Consent Agreement process, the services provided daily will not change. The parks are still available for residents to enjoy. The sheriff and prosecutor continue to pursue criminals and maintain public safety. The public services department will continue to repair roads and the leaders residents elected will remain in power. 
  • How does the consent agreement impact County employees?

    It will require all County employees to participate in the shared sacrifice that is necessary to reduce the County’s structural deficit, which means changes will occur to health care and pension liabilities that are currently crippling the County’s finances.
  • Detroit had a consent agreement and ended up with an Emergency Manager and going into Bankruptcy.  What makes Wayne County different?

    Wayne County is in a different position because our deficit is not nearly as large, and we have a plan in place to solve the issues before they become unmanageable. We have demonstrated the County’s plan is working by already achieving $23 million in annual savings.  We have been making the tough decisions to fix the County's problems.  Following the requirements of the Consent Agreement and continuing our efforts to eliminate the structural deficit will ensure Wayne County does not end up with an emergency manager or in bankruptcy. 

  • Who runs the County now that a Consent Agreement is in place?

    Wayne County continues to be led by its elected officials; the executive branch by the Wayne County Executive and the legislative branch by the Wayne County Commission.

  • Does the Consent Agreement require any action be taken on the Gratiot Jail site?

    The Wayne County Executive has always intended to deal with the issues surrounding the jail once there was a clearer path to solving the County’s financial challenges.  The Consent Agreement provides the opportunity to do that, and by January 31, 2016 a plan will be in place for how to address the adult detention system, including the Gratiot site.

  • What should I do if I suspect there has been a violation or breach of the consent agreement?

    A protocol has been established for County elected or appointed officials and County employees, agents, or contractors to report possible violations.  Click here (make a link) to be directed to the information about reporting a violation of the Consent Agreement.


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