Resource Allocation & Management Group


The purpose of the Resource Allocation and Management Group is to provide budgeted allocations, procurement services, resource conservation, and asset protection to County departments so they can achieve their operational goals and objectives.



  • Purchasing
    The purpose of the Purchasing Program is to provide procurement, training and reporting services to County departments and vendors, so they can receive the purchase orders for goods and services needed in a timely manner.
  • Budgeting & Planning
    The purpose of the Budgeting and Planning Program is to produce an annual balanced budget and provide related information, fiscal analysis, revenue and expense tracking, debt management services to county and department leadership so they can make informed program and budget decisions while staying within their approved appropriations and complying with state and county regulations.
  • Risk Management
    The purpose of the Risk Management Program is the identification, mitigation and funding of internal and external County risks, by providing proactive risk evaluations, safety programs and consultation services to County departments, so they can reduce accident rates, losses and claims.

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