Hometown Life reports on Tony Roko and the Art Foundation's proposed vision for the Wilcox Mill in Plymouth.

Hometown Life: The plan would include sculptures designed by Wayne County children and crafted by local artists that would dot the landscape, and the interior of the mill would turn into an art gallery, a space for art workshops and classes and the headquarters for the Art Foundation, which is currently inside the Plymouth Arts and Recreation Complex.

"Based on our research so far, it'll be the first of its kind," said Greg Hoffman, the executive director of the Art Foundation. "There are examples of child-designed sculptures around, but not necessarily a full park around that."

More details on the project are expected to be revealed at a public meeting about the proposal, which will take place at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Penn Theatre at 760 Penniman in downtown Plymouth. There, representatives from both the Art Foundation and Wayne County will be on hand to answer questions and showcase the project and its plans.

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