Hour Detroit reports on Tony Roko and the Art Foundation's proposed vision for the Wilcox Mill in Plymouth.

Hour Detroit: Furthermore, the county has deed restrictions that will be able to protect the mills in perpetuity, says Annie Rubel, a preservationist at Clara and Henry Ford's Dearborn estate who's been involved in fact-gathering for Roko's project. "There's no reason to be concerned that future owners could put in a gas station or Starbucks or condos. It is unfortunate to me that this particular project is being hijacked as a symbol of corruption and Not In My Backyard-ism because the actual facts and intentions of Tony, Greg, and the County Executive's office point to this being a win for all those involved, including the folks who are against the project, ironically."

Roko's project will come up for consideration before the Wayne County Commission in the fall. The most likely route will be through a public meeting of the 15-member commission's Committee of the Whole, and reviewing terms with Rahal and his economic development team. The committee would then pass the bid to the full commission for final approval. If approved, the actual construction could start next summer, with a five-year timeline.

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