Schedule of Fees

Pursuant to Wayne County Order 95-456 3, effective June 30, 1995,
as amended, the following fees will be charged for services provided
to the public by this department:


Tax Certification For Deed

$5.00 Per Tax Item

Copy Of A Paid Tax Statement

$3.00 Per Tax Item
Per Year

Charge For Follow-up Processing On A Check Returned For Non-Sufficient
Funds, Closed Accounts, Or For Similar Banking Reasons


Tax Search And Abstract
(Searched Per Tax Item)

$3.00 Per Year


$1.00 Per Page

Electronic File Containing Delinquent Real Property Pursuant To Transcripts
And Abstracts Of Record Act (Tara), MCL 47, 101.

25 Cent Per Tax Year 
Minimum 100 parcels


Eric R. Sabree
Wayne County Treasurer
(313) 224-5990

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