Public Services

This committee has oversight of matters that involve the county's roads and bridges, the county's building needs and the county's parks and recreation, including the Inkster Valley golf course.

Chair: Diane Webb
Vice-Chair: Raymond Basham
Member: Joe Barone
Member: Al Haidous
Member: Timothy Killeen

All meetings held in the 7th floor meeting room, Guardian Building, 500 Griswold, Detroit, unless otherwise indicated

2018 Meeting Schedule

WednesdayJan. 1711:00 a.m.Agenda
WednesdayJan. 3111:00 a.m.Agenda
WednesdayFeb. 1412:00 p.m.Agenda
WednesdayFeb. 2811:00 a.m.Agenda
WednesdayMarch 1412:00 p.m.Agenda
WednesdayMarch 2812:00 p.m.Agenda
WednesdayApril 1812:00 p.m.Agenda
TuesdayApril 2412:30 p.m.Agenda
WednesdayMay 212:00 p.m.Agenda
WednesdayMay 169:30 a.m.Agenda
WednesdayMay 309:30 a.m.Agenda
WednesdayJune 1312:00 p.m.Agenda
WednesdayJune 2712:00 p.m.Agenda
WednesdayJuly 1812:00 p.m.Agenda
WednesdayAug. 112:00 p.m.Agenda
WednesdayAug. 1512:00 p.m.Agenda
WednesdayAug. 2912:00 p.m.Agenda
WednesdaySept. 1212:00 p.m.Agenda
WednesdaySept. 2612:00 p.m.Agenda
WednesdayOct. 310:00 p.m..Agenda
WednesdayOct. 1012:00 p.m.Agenda
WednesdayOct. 2412:00 p.m.Agenda
WednesdayNov. 79:30 a.m.Agenda
WednesdayNov. 2812:00 p.m.Agenda
WednesdayDec. 1211:00 a.m.Agenda