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Executed Contracts

Vendor NameDocument
AECOM/Ghafari-1st AmendContract
AECOM/Ghafari-2nd AmendContract
AECOM/Ghafari-3rd Amend 11-28-12Contract
ATC Associates-Soil MonitoringContract
ATC Associates-Steam LineContract
ATC Group Services-Tunnel 2-20-13Contract
ATC-Change Order 1-Steam LineContract
ATC-Change Order 1-Soil MonitoringContract
ATC-Change Order 2-Soil MonitoringContract
ATC-Change Order 2-Steam LineContract
Blaze Change Order #2 Water Line RelocationContract
Blaze Contracting-FenceContract
Blaze Contracting-Site RemediationContract
Blaze Contracting-Watermain RelocationContract
Blaze-Change Order #2 Site RemediationContract
Blaze-Change Order #1 Site RemediationContract
Blaze-Change Order #1 Water Line RelocationContract
Blaze-Fence Purchase 11-19-14Contract
Carter Goble Associates, LLC M1Contract
County-Greektown Exchange Option AgreementContract
Dawda MannContract
Dawda Mann 2nd AmendmentContract
Dawda Mann Amendment 6-19-13Contract
Dawda Mann Amendment 11-28-12Contract
Dawda Mann-AmendmentContract
Dawda Mann-ParlovecchioContract
Dawda Mann Amendment 5-21-14Contract
Dawda Mann Amendment 12-18-13Contract
Environmental Specialty ServicesContract
Environmental Specialty Svs. Change Order #1Contract
Experis Finance US, LLCContract
Experis Finance US, LLC-1st AmendContract
Experis Finance US, LLC-2nd AmendContract
Experis Finance US, LLC-3rd AmendContract
Experis Finance US, LLC-4th AmendContract
Giffels-Webster Change Order #1- Encroachment EasementContract
Giffels-Webster Change Order #1-Finish Grade StakingContract
Hanson Court ReportersContract
Hanson Court Reporters 11-19-14Contract
Hubbell, Roth, & ClarkContract
Kotz, SangsterContract
Kotz Sangster AmendmentContract
Kotz, Sangster Amendment -11-28-12Contract
Kotz, Sangster Amendment 2Contract
Lewis YokomContract
Mannik & Smith Group, IncContract
Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone 2007Contract
Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone M1 2007Contract
Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone 2010Contract
Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone M1 2010Contract
Patrick OwenContract
Pierce MonroeContract
Pierce Monroe 1st AmendmentContract
Pierce Monroe-Bond Series 2011A-2011BContract
Pierce Monroe 2nd AmendmentContract
Pierce Monroe 3rd AmendmentContract
Pierce Monroe 4th AmendmentContract
Pierce Monroe 5th AmendmentContract
Pierce Monroe 6th AmendmentContract
Professional Services Industries, Inc. (PSI)Contract
Richard JacobsContract
Robert DunlapContract
SME-30 inch Water Main RelocationContract
SME-Change order #1 30-inch water mainContract
SME-Change Order #1 Site RemediationContract
SME-Change Order #2 Site RemediationContract
SME-Change Order #3 Site RemediationContract
SME-Site RemediationContract
Testing Engineers & ConsultantsContract
Treadwell & Associates, Inc 6-19-13Contract
Walbridge-DCK PreconstructionContract
Walbridge-DCK-GMP Change Order No. 1Contract
William M. Wolfson, PLLCContract
William M. Wolfson, PLLC-AmendmentContract
Woodward Parking, IncContract
Zabbia Al-HolouContract