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Interested in being a trainer in Wayne County?

If you are interested in being a trainer in Wayne County at either a brown bag or a CAP seminar, please fill out the Trainer Interest Form HERE.

MIDC Standard 1 proposes the minimum standard for the education and training of defense counsel. New and experienced attorneys who wish to handle cases in Wayne County can take advantage of robust training that is continuously offered.

You can find information surrounding the MIDC training requirements at the Criminal Advocacy Program website HERE, where the NDSD training director has also included a self-check training checklist to review your application requirements prior to submitting an application to our roster.

IDSD assumes oversight responsibilities for compliance with Standard 1, and relevant training is administered by the Neighborhood Defender Service - Detroit (NDSD) through Kristin Lavoy, Training Director.

If you would like to be added to our email list to stay informed on Indigent Defense matters in Wayne County, please contact us at