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Investigation and Expert Resources
As a courtesy, we have compiled a list of investigators and experts who have previously accepted work during the pilot period of the Investigation and Expert program at Wayne County.

If you would like to submit an investigator or expert to our list, please let us know at, or if you are an investigator or expert who would like to participate in our program please review our rate schedule and policy, and submit your information on our form HERE.

Overall Program References:
Schedule of Rates for Defense Use of Investigators and Experts
Investigator-Submitted Bios 12/17/2021
Investigators 02/16/2022
Courtesy Expert List - UPDATED 08/15/2022
Guides and Questionnaires
Court Forms
3rd Circuit Court Criminal Attorney Payment Inquiry Form
Please send completed 3rd Circuit Court payment inquiries to

For data correction requests or assignment issues, please contact 3rd Circuit Court Trial Court Services directly at (313) 224-0593