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Solid Waste Technical

All Wayne County solid waste facilities - landfills, transfer stations, processing plants, and composting facilities are inspected by staff of this program. They insure that each facility is complying with the regulations to protect public health and the natural resources of the County. The staff also work closely with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) to review proposed disposal sites, construction plans and geological data. New construction and existing operations are referred to the MDEQ in the form of recommendations for construction permitting or licensing of facilities. In addition, illegal dumping and unlicensed disposal sites are investigated. Enforcement measures can be taken either by the Division or jointly with MDEQ.

The Division's authority for enforcement for solid waste regulation is P.A. 451, Part 115 Solid Waste Management, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act and the Wayne County Solid Waste Ordinance, No. 2004-787.


To protect Wayne County land resources through the prevention of land contamination, along with the regulation of solid waste facilities.


Patrick Cullen
Division Director
(734) 326-3936

Jennifer DePaulis
Department Manager
(734) 326-3936

Kenneth Whitmore
(734) 326-3936

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