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2007 News Archive

12/20/07Prosecutor Kym l. Worthy charges River Rouge man with child abuse
12/20/07Wayne County Prosecutor announces charges in corrections officer shooting
12/18/07Chages Announced In St. Dunstan Parish Embezzlement

Prosecutor Worthy Announces New Charges in Death of Two-Year-Old

12/10/07Prosecutor Worthy Announces Check Enforcement Program Area Merchants Recover Over $1.5 Million in 2007
12/03/07Prosecutor Worthy Warns Parents Of The Top Ten Most Violent Videogames
12/03/07Lincoln Park Man Charged In Death Of His Eight-Day Old Daughter
11/19/07Charges Issued In Gas Station Shooting
11/13/07Doctor Charged With Sexual Assault Of Female Patient
11/12/07Two Men Charged In Macabre Murder Of River Rouge Man
11/10/07Wyandotte Man Charged In Murder, Assault
11/01/07Deed Fraud Task Force arrests man who forged County official’s name to obtain $80K mortgage
10/24/07Dearborn Heights Man Charged In Death Of Girlfriend
10/22/07Convictions and Prison Sentences Piling Up for Wayne County Fraud Task Force
10/19/07Clairmount Murder Case Charged
10/16/07Detroit School Board Member Charged With Assault
10/11/07River Rouge Man Charged In Murder Of Elderly Neighbor
10/11/07Lincoln Park Man Convicted In Drug Overdose Of 17 Year-Old Wyandotte Student
10/10/07Sheriff & Prosecutor Announce ID Fraud Arrests
09/24/07Prosecutor, Register Of Deeds And Wayne County Sheriff Announce New Identity Theft And Deed Fraud Charges
09/24/07Former Dearborn Police Corporal Charged In Marijuana Brownie Case
09/21/07Chrges Issued In Kidnapping Case
09/18/07*CORRECTION* Off Duty Wayne Police Officers Charged With Larceny
09/13/07Prosecutor Worthy Issues Charges In Grandmont Homicide
07/31/07Prosecutor Petitions For Appointment of Special Prosecutor in Judge's Gun Case
07/23/07Prosecutor Announces Charges In Fatal Hit and Run of Wheelchair Bound Pedestrian
07/17/07Van Buren Township Man Charged In Fatal Motorcycle Crash
07/11/07Wayne County Prosecutors Build a House With Habitat For Humanity
06/29/07Prosecutor, Register of Deeds and Wayne County Sheriff Announce Deed Fraud Conviction
06/22/07Two Men Charged With Copper Theft
06/21/07Harbin Found Guilty In Linwood Street Murders
06/18/07Adams-Rodgers Found Guilty Of Manslaughter And Child Abuse
06/15/07Prosecutor Issues Charges Teens In Grosse Pointe Crajacking
06/15/07Prosecutor Issues Charges 11 Year Old In Dearborn Heights Carjacking
06/14/07Prosecutor Issues Charges In Dearborn Heights Carjacking
06/12/07Lincoln Park Man Charged In Home Invasion and Sexual Assault of Eight Year Old
06/11/07Two Detroit Police Commanders Charged
06/07/07Prosecutor Charges Canton Man In Library Assault
05/30/07Detroit Police Sergeant Faces New Charges
05/25/07Prosecutor Charges Woman Impersonating Deceased Roommate
05/25/07Charges Announced In Fatal Car Crash Killing 3 Year Old Child
05/24/07Detroit Man Charged in Fatal Car Crash Killing Elderly Couple
05/22/07Correction Lincoln Park Man Charged In Drug Overdose Of 17 Year-Old Wyandotte Student
05/11/07Prosecutor charges in beating and carjacking of 91 year old man
05/11/07Prosecutor charges mother in extortion scheme
05/10/07Prosecutor charges Detroit man with murder
05/08/07Prosecutor and Police Chief Take Action to Close Local Clubs
04/27/07Prosecutor Issues Charges In Sheridan Street Shootings
04/26/07Prosecutor Announces Charging Decisions In 5 Cases
04/11/07Detroit man charged in rape and robbery spree.
04/10/07Prosecutor worthy attends gun summit.
04/04/07Bar owner charged with murder
03/05/07Care Worker Charged With Death Of Vulnerable Adult
02/28/07Sixth Man Charged In Mansfield Street Homicides
02/26/07Five Charged In Mansfield Street Homicides
02/08/07Prosecutor, Register of Deeds and Wayne County Sheriff Announce New Deed Fraud Charges
02/08/07Dearborn Heights Man Charged with Murder of 16 year old Female
01/29/07Prosecutor Issues Charges In Armed Robbery Spree
01/25/07Dearborn Building Inspector Charged With Bribery
01/25/07Auto Theft Detectives Crack Stolen Car Ring
01/22/07Three Men Charged In Death Of Navy Veteran
01/19/07Counterfeit Shoe Merchant Charged
01/11/07Cass Tech High School Identity Theft
01/10/07DTE Energy Investigation leads to Arrest in bill collection scam
01/09/07Prosecutor Issues Charges Against Former Henry Ford Hospitial Pharmacist
01/09/07Prosecutor Issues Charges In Connection With Death of Two-Year Old Isaac Lethbridge
01/05/07Second Avenue Church Murder Case Charged
01/04/07Sting Shuts Down 2 Suspected Criminal Enterprises
01/03/07Prosecutor Charges Hostage Taker
01/03/0717 Year Old Charged With Restuarant Murders