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Success Program

The Wayne County Human Relations Division's monthly on-site Open Certification Outreach Workshops are targeted to small businesses and those interested in doing business with Wayne County. Workshop representatives from the Human Relations Division will assist vendors with their certification applications and reviewing the application process. Workshops are planned for the early morning or evening to accommodate busy schedules.

In addition to the hands-on assistance, Empowerment and Improvement sessions are scheduled, which provide helpful tips and strategies in growing and strengthening your business - business development and planning, financial literacy, bonding, health care and a special question-and-answer session with a Wayne County expert - and doing business with Wayne County.

Once certified through the Success Program, congratulations you have become a Success Partner!


Business-to-Business Mentoring Program

Partnering larger business with smaller business provides an opportunity for "Life Lab" learning. Real-world experience can be shared and no value can be placed upon it. In addition, the Mentoring Program can also create future opportunities for small businesses to be utilized as subcontractors.

Business Workshops

Specialized workshop-targeting issues common to small/minority owned businesses. Topics such as applying for loans and other helpful tips are explored.

Networking session

A series of targeted networking events ("Partners of Possibility") will provide one-on-one time with decision-makers. Other municipalities and agencies will be invited to participate, expanding opportunities for the SBE members. The networking session will be divided into commodity/product groups to provide a more focused opportunity.