Victim Services Unit

The Victim Services Unit will work with you to access information and will advocate for your rights (Crime Victim’s Rights) in the criminal justice system.

Upon request, we will provide the following services:
  • Assist victims with understanding court procedures and legal terms (Crime Victims Rights Handbook)
  • Make referrals for counseling and other needed services (Counseling Services Directory)
  • Provide information on how to obtain a Personal Protection Order (Instructions on how to obtain a PPO)
  • Prepare victims to testify in court
  • Provide support at court proceedings
  • Act as a liaison between the victims to the Assistant Prosecutors
  • Provide notification of all court events
If you have an active case with our office and have not received or have misplaces your Victim Impact Statement, click on the links below.
  • Impact Statement for Individuals
  • Impact Statement for Businesses