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Election Commission


The Wayne County Election Commission is composed of the Chief Judge of the Probate Court, the Wayne County Clerk, and the Wayne County Treasurer. The commission members are responsible for the furnishing of ballots and specific election supplies for the statewide August primaries, statewide November general elections and special primaries and elections held to fill vacancies in federal, state and county offices.

Additionally, the Commission members are responsible for holding hearings to determine the clarity of wording used on recall petitions filed against certain county and local level officials.

  • CHAIRPERSON - Freddie G Burton, Jr., Chief Judge, Wayne County Probate Court
  • SECRETARY - Cathy M. Garrett, Wayne County Clerk
  • MEMBER - Eric Sabree, Wayne County Treasurer


2024 Meetings

February 2: Notice Agenda Minutes

February 15: Notice Agenda Minutes

February 21: Notice Agenda Mintues

March 7: Notice

May 2: Notice Agenda

June 10: Notice Agenda

2023 Meetings

January 31: Notice Agenda Minutes

March 3: Notice Agenda Minutes

March 22: Notice Agenda Minutes

May 31: Notice Agenda Minutes

July 25: Notice Agenda Minutes

August 3:Notice Agenda Minutes

August 17: Notice Agenda Minutes

August 21: Notice
Agenda Minutes

September 6: Notice Agenda Minutes

September 26: Notice

September 28: Notice Agenda

November 13: Notice Agenda Minutes

December 6: Notice Agenda

December 20 Notice Agenda

2022 Meetings

January 12th: Notice (Cancelled)

January 13th: NoticeAgenda Minutes

March 10th: Notice Agenda Minutes

May 19th: Notice Agenda

June 10th: Notice Agenda Minutes

August 3: Notice
Agenda Minutes

September 15 Notice Agenda Minutes

September 27th Notice Agenda Minutes

November 2nd Notice Agenda Minutes

2021 Meetings

February 23NoticeAgendaMintues
September 1NoticeAgendaMinutes
October 22NoticeAgendaMinutes
November 4NoticeAgendaMinutes
December 2NoticeAgendaMinutes
December 22NoticeAgendaMinutes

2020 Meetings

January 13NoticeAgendaMinutes
March 2NoticeAgendaMinutes
March 6NoticeAgendaMinutes
June 5NoticeAgendaMinutes
June 30NoticeAgendaMinutes
July 28NoticeAgendaMinutes
September 9NoticeAgendaMinutes
September 16NoticeAgendaMinutes
October 8NoticeAgendaMinutes

October 14NoticeAgendaMinutes
October 20 - CanceledNotice

October 27NoticeAgendaMinutes
November 16NoticeAgendaMinutes

2019 Meetings

January 22NoticeAgendaMinutes
March 13NoticeAgendaMinutes
May 2NoticeAgendaMinutes
June 13NoticeAgendaMinutes
June 26NoticeAgendaMinutes
July 18NoticeAgendaMinutes
August 8NoticeAgendaMinutes
September 5NoticeAgendaMinutes


2018 Meetings

January 29 NoticeAgendaMinutes
February 5NoticeAgendaMinutes
February 23NoticeAgendaMinutes
March 8NoticeAgendaMinutes
April 25NoticeAgendaMinutes
May 2NoticeAgendaMinutes
May 17NoticeAgendaMinutes
May 25NoticeAgendaMinutes
June 8NoticeAgendaMinutes
September 14NoticeAgendaMinutes

2017 Meetings

February 28NoticeAgendaMinutes
March 7NoticeAgendaMinutes
March 23NoticeAgendaMinutes
April 13NoticeAgendaMinutes
June 12NoticeAgendaMinutes
August 4NoticeAgendaMinutes
August 30NoticeAgendaMinutes
September 13NoticeAgendaMinutes
September 20NoticeAgendaMinutes

2016 Meetings

January 11NoticeAgendaMinutes
March 8NoticeAgendaMinutes
March 29NoticeAgendaMinutes
April 18NoticeAgendaMinutes
May 17NoticeAgendaMinutes
May 26NoticeAgendaMinutes
June 7NoticeAgendaMinutes
June 22NoticeAgendaMinutes
July 13NoticeAgendaMinutes
July 14NoticeAgendaMinutes
August 3NoticeAgendaMinutes
September 13NoticeAgendaMinutes

2015 Meetings

January 12NoticeAgendaMinutes
February 23NoticeAgendaMinutes
August 31NoticeAgendaMinutes
October 13NoticeAgendaMinutes