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Civil Court Services

The Wayne County Clerk's Office services the public and will do so to the best of its ability in a professional, courteous and efficient manner. Civil Actions are filed in the Wayne County Clerk's Office Court Services Unit, within the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court and the County of Wayne.

All pleadings and other related documents filed with the court as required by court rules must be filed with the Clerk of the Court.

Please note that our office is prohibited from providing legal advice. In some circumstances, our office may suggest that individuals seek legal advice and/or the services of an attorney.


'Pro Se' literally means 'for himself or herself' or 'in his or her own behalf'.

Example: Pro Se representation means that a person will handle his or her own case in court without a lawyer.

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The Civil Division is currently filing all cases except Asbestos electronically on the courts website View the website for all case types currently filed electronically.

The Family Division processes divorce and custody cases as well as other family matters including Personal Protection Orders (PPOs) and are filed manually.

In accordance with the directive of the Third Circuit Court, all motions in domestic relations cases must be filed in the Office of the Wayne County Clerk.


For Divorce, Custody and Other Family Matters:

Wayne County Clerk's Office
Coleman A. Young Municipal Center - Suite 201
Detroit, MI 48226
For Personal Protection Orders (PPOs):

Wayne County Clerk's Office
Coleman A. Young Municipal Center - Suite 928
Detroit, MI 48226

OFFICE HOURS: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Please Note:
Beginning March 1, 2016, when a party pays a filing fee for commencing a civil action in the Circuit Court, an Electronic Filing System Fee of $25 will also be assessed. MCL 600.1985(c) and MCL 600.1986(1)(a). This means that all new cases filed, both electronically and in paper, will be subject to the additional fee.
  • When filing a new civil action without a jury demand, the filer will pay $175. This includes a $150 filing fee plus a $25 electronic system transaction fee. Filings under this category include domestic cases with the case codes of DC, DM, DO, DZ, EM, NC, TZ, and private party DS and DP cases.
  • Parties filing a new civil action including a jury demand will be charged $260. This includes the $150 filing fee plus the $85 jury demand fee and the $25 electronic system transaction fee.
This change applies to all cases, with the exception of lower court appeals (District and Probate appeals) and those initiated by a governmental agency. (MCL 600.101 - MCL 600.9947).


Filing Fees$175.00
Jury Demand$ 85.00
Divorce (no children)$175.00
Divorce (with children)$255.00
Motions$ 20.00
Support Motions$ 60.00
Custody/Parenting Time Motions$100.00
Appeals (Transmittal Fee)$ 25.00
Certification/Authentication$ 10.00 (plus $1.00 per page)
Copies$ 2.00 (per page)
Writs/Executions$ 15.00
Subpoena$ 15.00
Certified letter$ 10.00
Record Search Fee$ 1.00
Register of Actions$ 1.00