Executed Contracts

AAA Underground, LLC
  • 37-11-037 - Modification to Wayne County Road Extension Project
Abutilon Co.
Acacia Financial Group
Acro Service Corporation
  • 2019-603- Professional Service Contract & Resolution
Active Network
  • 37-12-153-M1 - Modification #1 to Contract between Wayne County & The Active Network, Inc
Actron/AGS, LLC
Airtec Corporation
AIS Construction Equipment Corp
AJax Paving Industries
Alfred Benesch & Company
  • 2019-150 - Professional Service Contract & Resolution
  • 2019-629 - Professional Service Contract & Resoluton
  • 2019-814- Professional Service Contract & Resolution
Alternatives for Girls
All Metro Tree Services
Allen Brothers, PLLC
Alliance Health and Life Insurance Company
Allied Building Service
  • 2019-289- Professional Services Contract and Resolution
Allied Waste Systems
Alkebu-Ian Village
  • 37-11-187-HM1 - Youth Assitance Program Modification #1
  • 2019-644- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
American Ramp
Am Wins Group Benefits, Inc
  • 37-15-031B - Professional Services Contract
  • 37-16-801 - Professional Services Contract
  • 2019-284 - Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Anlaan Corporation
Apac Paper & Packaging Corporation
  • 2019-795- Professional Service Contract - Resolution
Applied Science, Inc
  • 2019-059- Professional Service Contract - Resolution
Arab-American and Chaldean Council
  • 37-16-801 - Women, Infant & Children's (WIC) Supplemental Food Program Services
  • 37-16-803 - Women, Infant & Children's (WIC) Supplemental Food Program Services
Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Service
  • 37-16-800 - Women, Infant & Children's (WIC) Supplemental Food Program Services
  • 37-16-800-M1 - Women, Infant & Children's (WIC) Supplemental Food Program Services
  • 37-14-801-M1 - Addendum #1
Asphalt Specialists, Inc
Assured Family Services
  • 2019-327- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
AT & T
  • 2018-676 - Professional Service Contract & Resolution
  • 2019-587- Professional Service Contract & Resolution
Axon Enterprises
Azteca Systems, Inc
  • 37-16-107 - Software and Maintenance Agreement
  • 37-16-107 - Software and Maintenance Agreement
Baker & Associates
  • 2019-631 - Professional Service Contract & Resolution
Barris, Scott, Denn, & Driker, PPLC
Bell Electronics dba Able Electronics, Inc
  • 2019-605-Professional Service Contract & Resolutions
Belle Tire
  • 2019-088- Professional Service Contract
  • 2019-088- Resolution
Berri & Associates, LLC
  • 2018-672 - Legal Service Agreement Modification #3
Bill Jones Enterprises, Inc
  • 37-16-027 - Professional Services Contract
  • 2019-684- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Black Family Development
Blue Care Network of Mich/Southfield
Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • 37-2015-094B - Administrative Services Contract
  • 37-11-002-BM3 - Administrative Services Contract - Extension
  • 37-11-007-M3 - Administrative Services Contract - Modification
  • 37-11-007-M4 - Administrative Services Contract - Modification
  • 2019-706- Professional Service Contract & Resolution
  • 2019-707- Professional Service Contract & Resolution
  • 2019-706- Professional Service Contract & Resolution
Bodman, PLC
Bridge Way Services, Inc
C.A Hull
  • 2019-126- Professional Service Contract & Resolution
  • 2019-679-Professional Service Contract & Resolution
Cadillac Asphalt
  • 37-18-032-M1- Modification 1
  • 2018-833- Professional Service Contract
  • 2019-060 - Professional Service Contract
  • 2019-060- Resolution
  • 2019-354 - Professional Service Contract
  • 2019-354- Resolution
  • 2019-612- Professional Service Contract & Resolution
  • 2019-724- Professional Service Contract & Resolution
  • 2019-829- Professional Servcie Contract & Resolution
Canteen Correctional Service
Canton Township
  • 2018-893- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Carter Goble Associates,LLC
Catering By Marlin's, Inc
  • 37-14-047 - Professional Services Contract
  • 2019-090- M1- Professional Service Contract
  • 2019-090- Resolution
Center for Youth and Families
CherryRoad Technologies
  • 2019-386- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Christy Glass
Cipparrone Contracting, Inc.
Clark's Construction Co.
Clark Hill PLC
ComCast Cable Communication Managment, LLC
Communications Professionals, Inc.
  • 2019-224- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Competitive Telephone Systems
Conference Western Wayne
  • 2019-733-Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Cornerstone Detention Products
  • 2018-562 - Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Copper Phoenix Consulting
Cummins Bridgeway, LLC
Dawda, Mann, Mulcaly & Sadier PLC
Delta Dental Plan of Michigan, Inc.
  • 2019-344- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
DenCap Dental Plans, Inc
Detroit Area Agency On Aging
Detroit Employment Solution Corporation
Detroit Rescue Mission
Dickinson Wright, PLLC
DM Burr Facilities Management, Inc.
Don Bosco Hall
Downriver Community Conference
  • 2019-654-Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Driggers Schultz & Herbst, PC
EC Korneffel Co
  • 2019-477- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
  • 2019-727- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
eClinical Works
Ecology of Ohio, Inc
  • 2018-747- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Education Training Research Services
Eight Media, Inc
Ellsworth Industries
  • 2019-350- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Ennis Center for Childeren (YAP)
Fair Michigan Foundation
Farmer and Underwood Trucking
  • 2019-335- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Fink & Associates Law, PLLC
First South West Company LLC
Florence Cement Company
  • 37-15-027 - Professional Services
  • 2019-610- Professional Service Contract & Resolution
  • 2019-678-Professional Service Contract & Resolution
  • 2019-677- Professional Service Contract & Resolution
Fontenot Landscape Services, LLC
Franklin Wright Settlements, Inc
Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company
Gaukler Pointe Communication LLC
Giffels Webster
  • 37-18-046 - Professional Service Contract
  • 2019-462-Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Global Green Services Group
Global Vision Technologies
Goch & Son's Towing, Inc.
  • 2019-718- Professional Service Contract & Resolution
Golden Dental Plan Inc
Governmental Consultant Services
Great Lakes Engineering Group LLC
  • 2018-30-047 -Professional Service Contract
  • 2019-125- Professional Engineering Service Contract
  • 2019-241- Professional Service Contract - Resolution
  • 2019-593-Professional Service Contract & Resolution
Growth Works, Inc
Hartford Life and Accident Ins
Health Alliance Plan of Michigan (Health Maintenance Organization)
Health Management Associates
Health Management System of America
Healthy Kidz of Detroit
Herc Rental
Heritage Vision Plans
  • 37-15-094G - Visions Care Benefits Agreement
  • 2019-669- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Hi-Falutin Music LLC
Hill International, Inc
Hill Top Security
  • 2019-155 - Resolution
  • 2019-155- Modification 2
Hired Gun Mechanical Corporation
  • 2018-603- Resolution and Professional Service Contract
HNTB Michigan Inc
House Arrest Services, Inc
Hubbell, Roth, & Clark
Hubbell, Roth, & Clark joint venture with Orchard, Hiltz, & McCliment, Inc.
Ideal Sheild
Intercity Protective Services, LLC
Jail Health Services Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Jail Health Services and Midwest Health Center, P.C.
James Davis Consulting, LLC
Jorgensen Ford Sales, Inc
Joseph Campau Shoppes LLC
Justice Benefits, Inc
Juvenile Assessment Center
Kalamazoo Probation Enhancement Program Inc
Kennedy Industries

Kilpatrick & Associates, PC
Klean Tech Services Corporations
L.J Construction, Inc
  • 2019-194- Professional Services Contract
Lake Shore Services, Inc.
Lake Star Construction Services, Inc
Lexis/Nexis Risk Solutions, Inc
Limbach Company, LLC
Lodox NA, LLC
  • 2019-494-Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Lutheran Social Services of Michigan
Mackinaw Administrators, LLC
  • 2019-377- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Mad Dog Technology, LLC
Marine Adams Law, PLC
Marine Pollution Control Corporation
Mark Chevrolet, Inc.
  • 2019-788 - Professional Services Contract & Resolution
Matrix Human Services
Maximus Consulting Services
Metrotech Automotive
Michigan Association of Counties Services Corporation (MACSC)
  • 37-15-031A - Professional Services Contract
  • 2019-146- Professional Service Contract & Resolution
Michigan Tether, LLC
Microsoft Corporation
  • 2019-604-Professional Service Contract & Resolution
MidWest Medical Center
Mike Cox Law Firm, PLLC
Miller, Canfield, Paddock, & Stone, PLC
Modjeski & Masters Inc
Municipal Employee Retirement System
Nabih H. Ayad & Associates, PC
National Center for State Courts
National Industrial Maintenance-Michigan Inc
Neighborhood Defender Service
Nemeth Law, PC
O'Keefe & Associates Consulting, LLC
Operation Get Down
Orchard, Hiltz & McCliment, Inc
Osborn Industries
  • 2019-349 - Professional Service Contract and Resolution
PCC Technology, Inc.
  • 37-16-123 - Maintenance, Hosting & Services Contract
Perkins Law Group, PLLC
Pipeline Management Company, Inc
Pipetek Infrastructure Service LLC
PK Contracting
  • 2019-554-Professional Service Contract & Resolution
Plante & Moran
Play Power, Inc
Plunkett Cooney
Poco Sales
  • 2019-476- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Power Engineers, Inc
Prosecuting Attorneys Coordinating Council
  • 2018-740- Professional Service Contract
  • 2018-740- Professional Service Resolution
Quincy Technology Solutions, Inc
R. Craig Hupp
  • 2019-515-Professional Service Contract & Resolution
Ramundsen Superior Holdings
  • 2018-113 -Professional Service Contract & Resolution
Rehmann Group
Republic Services of Michigan, LLC
  • 2019-803 - Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Review Works
  • 2019-378 - Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Rose Pest Solutions
R.S. Contracting Inc
RTI Laboratories, Inc
Rusko's Service
  • 2019-622- Profesional Service Contract and Resolution
Santoro Inc
Saurbier Law Firm
Savant Learning Systems, Inc. dba Virtual Academy
  • 2019-666-Professional Service Contact & Resolution
Schultz & Young, PC
Scodeller Construction, Inc.
  • 2019-730- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Secure-24, LLC
Securitas Security Services USA, Inc.
  • 2019-627- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
  • 2018-306- Professional Service Contract & Resolution
Sentinel Offender Services, LLC
  • 2019-167- Professional Service Contract & Resolution
Seward Peck & Henderson, PLLC
Siemens Industry, Inc
Sign by Crannie, Inc.
  • 2019-676-Professional Service Contract and Resolution
SHI International Corporation
South East Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA)
SouthWest Counseling Solutions
Spalding Dedecker Associates, Inc
Spicer Group, Inc.
SQS, Inc.
Starfish Family Service
Starr Commonwealth
Starr Vista
Sterling Sanitation, Inc.
  • 2019-675- Pofessional Service Contract and Resolution
Sue Hall Consulting LLC
Suburban Garden City LLC
Summit Food Services, LLC
  • 2019-700- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Sumpter Township
Superior Materials Holdings, LLC
  • 2019-478- Professional Services Contract & Resolutions
The Allen Law Group, PC
Team Collaboration Software LLC
  • 37-14-072A - Software License, Equipment Acquisition and Services Contract
The Children's Center of Wayne County
Tech Mechanical, Inc.
Tetra Tech of Michigan, PC
The Guidance Center
The Regents of the University of Michigan
  • 09-14-001 - Professional & Operational Services Contract
The Resource Net work, Inc
The Sixth Amendment Center, Inc
Toebe Construction LLC
Trane USA, Inc.
  • 2018-944- Professional Service Contract & Resolution
Tyler Technologies
Tyme Consulting Engineering
United Monitoring Solutions, LLC
  • 2019-168- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
United Way for Southeastern Michigan
US Imaging, Inc
Valley Services, Inc
V. D. Bradley, LLC
28. W Adams
Wade Trim Associates, Inc
Warren Contractors and Development, Inc
Waste Management of Michigan
Wayne County Safe
Wayne-Westland Community Schools
Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency
Wayne & Scodeller Construction
  • 2019-730 - Professional Service Contract & Resolution
Wayne and Tech Mechanical,Inc.
  • 2019-196- Professional Service Contract Resolution
WC Safe
  • 2018-776- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Weiss Construction Co, LLC
Wellpath, LLC
  • 2019-643- Professional Service Contract and Resolution
West Publishing Corp
William Acosta PLLC

WSP Michigan Inc.
Yunion, Inc
Z- Contractors
  • 2019-244 - Professional Service Contract and Resolution
Zausmer, August, & Caldwell

  • 2019-054- Legal Service Agreement -Resolution
Zausmer, Kaufman, August, Caldwell, & Tayler
Zenith Technology Solutions