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Apply to Our Investigators and Experts Program

The IDSD Investigators and Experts Program maintains a list of Experts and Investigators as a courtesy reference for defense attorneys operating in our jurisdiction. If you are interested in being a service provider for this Program, click the link below to launch the application form.

The application form requires the following uploads:

Investigators: Proof of Insurance and/or Bond, 1-page Biography
Experts: CV

Investigator / Expert Application

All Investigators and Experts operating in Wayne County in Indigent Defense are subject to the Indigent Defense Services Department compliance policy and fee schedule.
Please review these items found at our Policies and Procedures page HERE prior to submitting your information.
! PLEASE NOTE: In order to receive payment for services in our program, the following documents will be required in order to be added as a vendor to our Accounting systems:
  • IRS W-9 - Request for Taxpayer ID Number and Certification
  • ACH Enrollment Authroization Form
  • Financial Institution Letter
This letter verifies the service provider account information for ACH Enrollment. The letter MUST include account holder's name, account number, and institution routing number)

The W-9 and ACH Enrollment form are available from the links below:

IRS W-9 Form Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

ACH Enrollment Authorization Form

Return ALL completed forms to the IDSD Finance Team at or complete the form below and attach all completed documents with your responses.