Public Services

This committee has oversight of matters that involve the county's roads and bridges, the county's building needs and the county's parks and recreation, including the Inkster Valley golf course.

Chair: Terry Marecki
Vice-Chair: Melissa Daub
Member: Sam Baydoun
Member: Al Haidous
Member: Jonathan C. Kinloch
Member: Joseph Palamara
Member: Ilona Varga

All meetings held in the 7th floor meeting room, Guardian Building, 500 Griswold, Detroit, unless otherwise indicated. Videos from previous years' meetings, dating back to 2019, are available on the Wayne County Commission YouTube channel.

2021 Meeting Schedule

TuesdayJan. 1211:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayJan. 2611:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayFeb. 911:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayFeb. 2311:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayMarch 911:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayMarch 2311:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayApril 611:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayApril 2011:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayMay 1111:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayMay 2511:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayJune 811:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayJune 2211:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayJuly 1311:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayJuly 2711:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayAug. 1011:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayAug. 2411:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdaySept. 1411:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdaySept. 2811:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayOct. 1211:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayOct. 2611:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayNov. 911:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayNov. 2311:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayDec. 711:00 a.m.Agenda