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Assumed Names

Wayne County Clerk's Office COVID-19 Updates

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Important! Assumed Names Do Not Require An Appointment and Is Completely A Mail-In Process.

Mail To:
Cathy M. Garrett, Wayne County Clerk
400 Monroe St.
Suite 610
Detroit, MI 48226
ATTN: Assumed Names

Please read this page and follow the steps as outlined. If you've already made an appointment it will be honored, but future services will be conducted via the mail until further notice.

General Information

Protection of a business name is established by the registration of that name through the County Clerk's office in the county in which the business is located. County Clerks of this state are authorized to reject any assumed name which is likely to mislead the public or is so closely similar to other business names as to lead to confusion or deception. To ensure that the business name you are interested in is not being used by a corporation, limited liability company, incorporation or non-profit organization, which are filed at the State level, please search the STATE OF MICHIGAN BUSINESS ENTITY DATABASE. The business name you are interested in also must not currently be registered at the COUNTY LEVEL. Availability of business names are subject to change. Business names' availability are checked when registered and are subject to our approval. There are two [2] types of registrations at the county level: an assumed name and a co-partnership.

  • An assumed name consists of one or more parties. It is the more binding of the types, as all parties listed must sign the papers in front of a notary and no changes can be made without the signatures of all parties involved.

  • A co-partnership is started by two or more parties, but it may be dissolved or changed by the signature of any one or more of the parties.

If doing business in Wayne County, your certificate of conducting business under an assumed name or certificate of co-partnership must be filed with the Wayne County Clerk's Office through the mail.

Please note that your completed application must be notarized prior to mailing to:
Cathy M. Garrett, Wayne County Clerk; 400 Monroe St., Suite 610; Detroit, MI 48226; ATTN: Assumed Names.

How to apply for an Assumed Name

  1. PRINT OR TYPE ALL INFORMATION ON THE FORMS, except signatures. Please use BLACK INK ONLY. Do not use pencil or red ink. Post office (PO) box numbers are not acceptable for the business address.
  2. Signatures should be placed on the lines found on the middle of the form. ALL LISTED OWNERS MUST SIGN THE CERTIFICATE.
  3. ALL SIGNATURES MUST BE NOTARIZED. All notaries public must legally sign and print or stamp their name and expiration dates on each certificate; as well as the names of the persons who appeared before the notary. Two [2] certified copies of the certificate will be returned to you after filing.
  4. Mail the notarized original along with the $16.00 filing fee to:

    Cathy M. Garrett, Wayne County Clerk
    400 Monroe St.
    Suite 610
    Detroit, MI 48226
    ATTN: Assumed Names

    *Please Note: We no longer accept personal checks. All personal checks will be returned.
    Acceptable Forms of Payment: Money orders, in-state company checks, and cashier and certified checks.
    Made Payable To: Wayne County Clerk.

  5. If you change your business address, you must file a change of address with the County Clerk's office in the county where the business is located.
  6. If you dissolve your business, you should file a certificate of discontinuance with our office.
  7. If there is a change of ownership, a certificate of discontinuance should be filed by the previous owner and the new owner or owners must file a new certificate of assumed name or co-partnership in our office.
  8. Forms for change of address and certificate of discontinuance are available at the address listed above.

List of Printable Forms

Click here for the Assumed Name Form
Click here for the Discontinuance of Business Under Assumed Name Form
Click here for the Co-Partnership Registration Instructions
Click here for the Discontinuance of Co-Partnership Form
Click here for the Consent of Service for Out of State Owner
Click here for Notice of Change of Address Form

How It Works...

Services Available:

Registration of the business name protects the use of that name (in Wayne County) for five [5] years. Continued use of a name occurs by renewing registration at five [5] year intervals.

Who is Eligible for the Service?

A person owning, conducting or transacting a business must be at least 18 years of age.

Tax ID and Licensing Links:

The McNamara Building
477 Michigan & Cass Ave. [Basement] 48226
Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Ph: (800) 829-1040 [For tax ID via phone]

Michigan Sales Tax Number:

Michigan Dept. of Treasury
Executive Plaza Building
1200 Sixth St. [At Howard St.] 48226

If Doing Business in Detroit Only:

Check With:
General License Bureau
Consumer Affairs Department
Room 402, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, 48226

Forms of Payment Accepted:

Money orders, in-state company checks, and cashier and certified checks. Made Payable To: Wayne County Clerk.


Corporations are registered with the Michigan Department of Commerce, Corporation and Securities Bureau. Obtain a Michigan Sales Tax Number from the Michigan Department of Treasury. Business Licenses and/or permits are obtained through the city in which the business is located or through the State of Michigan. Licenses for businesses located in the City of Detroit are obtained in the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (2 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226) in Room 402.

For More Information

Information on filing an LLC, Incoporations & Corporations please contact:

State of Michigan LARA - Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Ottawa Building, 611 W. Ottawa, P.O. Box 30004
Lansing, MI 48909
Ph: (517) 335-9700