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Pollution Prevention

The Water Quality Management Division (WQMD) , working with local communities, and others, performs a variety of activities and offers a number of public education & pollution prevention services to prevent and eliminate storm water pollution caused primarily by people not being aware of how their daily activities may contribute to water pollution. Listed below are the pollution prevention services and public education activities offered by WQMD.
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Technical Assistance to businesses, municipal and institutional facilities via our Illicit Discharge Elimination Program.
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Technical Assistance to citizens via the River Friendly Neighborhood Program (includes support for volunteer monitoring, storm drain stenciling, presentations and workshops)
  • Children/School Based Outreach via Wayne County's Green Schools Program, the Rouge River Water Festivals, Friends of the Rouge Rouge Education Project, and the
  • Downriver Stream Team schools.

river friendly healthy landscaping practices and principles

Publications Clearinghouse - WQMD has a number of environmental publications available for order. These publications cover a wide array of topics regarding watershed management and pollution prevention. You can also order road signs that identify watershed boundaries and stream crossings. Please click on the link to download the Publications Clearinghouse Order Form.

For more information, contact Noel Mullett at (734) 326-4486 or call the Wayne County Environmental Hotline at (888) 223-2363.