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Hardship Extension

The Wayne County Treasurer has implemented a Financial Hardship Policy to help delinquent taxpayers fulfill their Property Tax obligations and, if possible, to avoid foreclosure of their property in accordance with Michigan law.

Throughout the year, the Treasurer will attempt to assist any taxpayer facing financial hardship by providing an application for a financial hardship extension that will be considered in accordance with the Financial Hardship Policy The applicant must establish that the property is a homestead parcel or qualified agriculture property, pursuant to MCL 211.7dd. This may be accomplished by providing a copy of the PRE application for any homestead exemption that is currently not reflected in the Wayne County Treasurer's property tax records. In addition, documentation showing that the taxpayer owns and resides at the property, such as a recorded deed, a driver's license, utility bills, and voter registration will also be required. A complete list of the required documents is shown on the application.

The granting of a hardship extension only extends the time to pay the delinquent amount due. Interest at 1.5 % monthly and any additional expenses continue to accrue on the parcel, increasing the tax liability. Ultimately, the Treasurer will determine if relief from foreclosure will enable the taxpayer to pay their delinquent tax within twelve (12) months of his decision.

Property owners with delinquent taxes may review the following hardship policy and/or apply for a payment plan.

Distressed Owner Occupant Extension (DOOE)

This plan is for those experiencing financial hardship with documented proof. To get into this extension plan, you must own the property and have a deed recorded in your name.

  • You must live in the property and have proof of occupancy via utility bill or other document.
  • Interest accrues monthly at 1.5% per month.
  • You must provide a valid Michigan driver's license or State ID when entering the plan.
DOOE Application DOOE Renewal Application