Economic Development

This committee deals with business development, community development programs, affordable housing opportunities and land use planning.

Chair: Al Haidous
Vice-Chair: Glenn S. Anderson
Member: Sam Baydoun
Member: Monique Baker McCormick

Member: Ilona Varga
Member: Jewel Ware

All meetings held in the 7th floor meeting room, Guardian Building, 500 Griswold, Detroit, unless otherwise indicated

2019 Meeting Schedule

TuesdayJan. 1511:00 a.m.Postponed
TuesdayJan. 2911:00 a.m.Postponed
TuesdayFeb. 1211:00 a.m.Postponed
TuesdayFeb. 2611:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayMarch 1211:00 a.m.Agenda
WednesdayMarch 271:00 p.m.Agenda
TuesdayApril 911:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayApril 2311:00 a.m.Postponed
WednesdayMay 81:00 p.m.Agenda
TuesdayMay 2111:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayJune 1111:00 a.m.Postponed
TuesdayJune 2511:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayJuly 1611:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayJuly 3011:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayAug. 1311:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayAug. 2711:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdaySept. 1011:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdaySept. 2411:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayOct. 811:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayOct. 2211:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayNov. 1211:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayNov. 2611:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayDec. 1011:00 a.m.Agenda