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Certification Program

Why Should My Company Be Certified?

  1. The certification program can give your company a competitive edge when bidding on County procurement/contracts. As a certified supplier equalization credits are applied accordingly when bidding on County contracts.
  2. As a Certified Small Business Enterprise(SBE) you are eligible to participate in the SBE program, operated by the Wayne County Procurement Division. This program endeavors to foster small-business development by designating commodities and/or projects to SBE bidders only. This process provides Certified SBEs an equal opportunity to compete for contracts with much larger vendors.
  3. The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise(DBE) is a federal program established by the United States Department of Transportation. Government agencies (like Wayne County) receiving at least $250,000 in direct federal transportation funding are required to establish a DBE program, which targets historically disadvantaged groups/women. Agencies are required to set a DBE benchmark (federal goal is 10 percent), thus an effort to utilize DBE Certified Vendors. Prime contractors are also required to partner with DBEs. An example of such agencies is the Wayne County Airport Authority and Michigan Department of Transportation.
  4. Once your company is certified with Wayne County, you are added within your commodity/product code to the Wayne County Procurement Division's Direct Solicitation List. In addition, being certified entitles the vendor to an array of ancillary services.

Note: Being proactive and becoming certified in any of the certifications, with Wayne County can place you a step ahead of the competition in the procurement process. Being certified helps your company be prepared when opportunities arise.

How Can I do business with Wayne County?

A vital part of the overall certification process is making sure your company is FEP compliant. Fair Employment Practice compliance is mandated by the Wayne County Charter and enforced by the Human Relations Division. All Wayne County contractors must be FEP compliant prior to the award of any contract over $50,000 (goods/services) and $100,000 (construction). Visit Wayne County's new Procure to Pay System to apply for certifications.
The certification process is now fully automated! All Wayne County certification applications MUST be submitted online to the Human Relations Division.

How Do I Get Certified?

The certification process is now fully automated! All Wayne County certification applications are now received electronically by the Human Relations Division.

Step 1. Register or activate your business with Procure to Pay

Procure to Pay

Step 2. Indicate which certification(s) you are interested in. The application(s) will be made available to you for completion, you should be notified when the applications are available.

Step 3. Complete and submit your application(s), online via your Procure to Pay Profile. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing.

For questions on certifications, please contact Human Relations: (313) 224-5021.

What are the Benefits of Registering with Procure to Pay?

The Procure to Pay System allows firms to:

  • Apply and renew for all Wayne County supplier certifications (FEP, CBE, TGCE, SBE, EBE, M/WBE, VE, MV, JV, DBE and AC/DBE annual affidavits)
  • Access an electronic version of your Wayne County certificate, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. You never have to request a copy of your lost certificate again!
  • Receive reminder email notification before your certification(s) expire(s).
  • Manage and update your company profile. You can update information about your company and commodity classifications instantly!
Procure to Pay
For questions on certifications, please contact Human Relations: (313) 224-5021.