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Senior Vision Program

For just $75.00 annually HealthChoice's Senior Vision Program can save you up to $250.00 or more on your routine vision care expenses!!!

Your vision benefit coverage is designed to help meet your vision care needs and encourage you to include eyecare as a part of your regular healthcare routine.

Enjoy up to 20% additional savings on popular lens "extras" such as Progressives, Transitions and Anti-Reflective (A/R) coatings.

Extensive Metro-Detroit Vision Care Network with over 120 Michigan Provider locations including:

  • Heritage Opticals,
  • RX Opticals,
  • Fraser Opticals,
  • Fortney Eyecare Associates and
  • 18 Henry Ford Optimeyes Corporate Locations.
ServicesIn-Network Coverage
Comprehensive Eye Exam (Does not apply to Contact Lens Fitting)100% Covered, $5.00 Office Visit Fee Applies
Frames (Choice of One)In-Network Coverage
Standard (Covered)100% Covered, No Co-pay
Premium Frames$65.00 Retail Allowance
(Member pays all costs over $65.00)
Lenses (Choice of One)In-Network Coverage
Single Vision100% Covered, No Co-pay
Bifocal100% Covered, No Co-pay
Trifocal100% Covered, No Co-pay
Lenticular100% Covered, No Co-pay
Lens Upgrades and OptionsCoverage
Progressive "No-Line" UpgradeA 20% Senior Pricing Discount will be granted for all other lens to the "No-Line" Progessive
Tint (Therapeutic Rose Tint #1 or #2)100% Covered, No Co-pay
Other Lens Options:
(i.e. Thinner Lenses, Scratch Coating, Transitions, Anti-Reflective Coating, UV Protection, Roll & Polish, etc.)
A 20% Senior Pricing Discount will be granted for all other lens options not covered by the plan
Medically Necessary Contact Lenses: In lieu of eyeglasses. Prior approval must be obtained to establish Medical Necessity<100% Covered, No Co-pay

You are eligible for contact lenses OR glasses, not both in any (12 Month) Plan Year


  • Single = $75.00 / year
  • Double = $115.00 / year
  • Family = $150.00 / year


For additional information contact us at:

HealthChoice of Michigan Senior Vision Program

Heritage Total Services at 1-866-852-8947