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The Department of Corporation Counsel provides legal representation, advice, and counsel to Wayne County, its departments, elected officials, and employees so they can legally fulfill their official duties.The Human Relations Division serves as the enforcement arm of the Corporation Counsel. Human Relations certifies, monitors, and investigates Wayne County's employment practices to ensure fairness, equal access, and diversity of our suppliers.

Public Meeting Notices

Wayne County Transit Authority


General Litigation & Employment

General Litigation

  • State/federal litigation & appeals
  • Civil rights claims
  • General tort claims
  • Automobile negligence
  • Road and Building defect claims ,
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Probate Court hearings
  • Advise clients of legal issues


  • State & federal litigation for employment related claims
  • Counsels elected officials and departments regarding employer/employee matters.
  • Drafts policies & procedures
  • Workers Compensation claims
  • Administrative Hearings and Appeals

Real Estate, Public Services & Tax


  • Trial and Appellate Court Representation
  • Assessment and Equalization Administrative and Court Representation
  • Bankruptcy Collection Services
  • Stadium Tax Collections
  • Treasurer Vendor Contracts

Real Estate and Public Services

  • Road Abandonment/Vacation Hearings
  • Infrastructure Contracts (Easement Agreements, Tower License Agreements, Road Contracts, County Building Contracts,
  • Parks Development Contracts, Engineering Contracts, Transportation Contracts)
  • Development Agreements
  • New Market Tax Credits
  • Bond/Real Estate Closings
  • Land Bank Presentations
  • Quiet Title Actions
  • Real Estate Title Reviews
  • Real Estate Development Negotiations
  • Real Estate Leases
  • Real Estate Board Meetings
  • Basement Flooding Defense
  • Project Requests for Proposals and Invitations for Bids
  • Financial Matters Advice
  • Drainage District Representations
  • Parks Development Consultations
  • Infrastructure Procurement Consultations
  • Client/Corporate Representations
  • Development Project Site Visits
  • Bond Documents
  • Real Estate Policies and Procedures

Municipal and Health

Client Legal Support and Statutory Compliance

  • Appearances before agencies, tribunals, boards and commissions, public hearings
  • Court appearances
  • Meetings on behalf of clients

Client Consultations

  • Verbal and written advice
  • Meetings with clients

Contract Support

  • Contract Matters (includes Professional and Personal Service Contracts,Intergovernmental agreements (IGAs), Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), Grant)
    • Contract Drafting
    • Contract Negotiations
    • Contract Review and Approval as to Form
  • Procurement Matters
    • RFP, Bid Drafting, Consultations and Representations
    • RFP evaluation, committee representations

Legal research, writing and review matters

  • Memoranda
  • RVA
  • Opinions
  • Correspondence including emails
  • Document review
  • FOIAs

Education & Training

  • Freedom of Information Act Trainings
  • Contract Trainings
  • Open Meetings Act
  • Health Law
  • Record Retention

Human Relations / Business Inclusion Division

Business Certification & Diversity

  • Business and Certification Lists
  • Business Reports
  • Certification Site Visits
  • Business Certifications
  • Supplier Outreach Workshops
  • Human Relations Certifications Policies
  • Supplier Certification Education Workshops