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Temporary Food, Campgrounds, STFU & Mobile

General Information

Temporary Foods


  • The Temporary Campground License Application is a triplicate form and cannot be downloaded. Please contact/ visit the Local Health Department to obtain an application and to discuss your event.
Steps for Obtaining a Temp EQC 1726 10-2016 (


A mobile food establishment Commissary Verification Form has been developed to verify the food establishment acting as the mobile food establishment commissary is properly licensed and has the capacity / ability to provide necessary services to the mobile food establishment.

If a health inspector attempts an inspection of a mobile food facility based on the Route Sheet on file and the facility is not at the location specified, the next inspection may be charged as a re-score inspection.

Special Transitory Food Unit (STFU)

A Notice of Intent to operate a Special Transitory Food Unit (STFU) must be received before serving food within the jurisdiction of a Local Health Department (LHD), notify the LHD in writing, of each location in the jurisdiction at which food will be served and the dates and hours of service. The license holder shall mail the notice by first-class mail, fax, email or hand-deliver the notice not less than 4 business days before any food is served or prepared for serving within the jurisdiction of the LHD.