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Foreclosure Statistics

State of Michigan Foreclosure Statistics

Michigan Department of Treasury State-Wide Real Property Tax Forfeiture and Foreclosure Statistics:

2006 - 2012 2013 - 2019

Wayne County Foreclosure Statistics

2019 and 2018 Foreclosure Comparison Statistics 2019 Foreclosure Statistics by Municipality
The Wayne County Treasurer's Office saved over 50,000 people from property tax foreclosure within the past two years.

The Wayne County Treasurer's Office has had an 85% reduction in foreclosures in the last 3 years.

Right of Refusal

Parcels Taken in 2019 Right of Refusal

2016-2019 Progress Report

Download 2016-2019 Progress Report

Our Goal

ZERO Owner-Occupied Foreclosed Properties in Wayne County.

We are working every single day to make sure that's happening!